Gelato In Branson 

Benvenuto! Welcome! Did you know you could find something as cultural as gelato in Branson?

Yes, it’s true! In case you didn’t know, gelato is the Italian word for ice cream. This often causes confusion and false reasoning that gelato and ice cream are the same, however; gelato is different! It has a softer, smoother texture compared to the American-style ice cream that has a heavier, richer texture.

The difference comes from the process of making the gelato. It is churned at a much slower speed than regular ice cream, which causes less air to be churned into it during the freezing process. Gelato also has less butterfat in the base, but don’t be fooled into thinking that there will be less taste. You may miss out on a treat!

Most customers who have visited CherryBerry in Branson would agree that gelato has a more intense flavor than ice cream. The truth is that gelato uses more milk than cream, so that is why it doesn’t have nearly as much fat. Pair that with less air and you get a sweet treat with more density. As a result, you get more pleasure per mouthful with gelato! It’s been said that gelato’s flavors come through directly and quickly and then melt away, leaving a clean mouth.

Additionally, gelato is best served at a slightly higher temperature than ice cream. If you freeze gelato really cold, it will become very hard. That’s why when it is ‘warmer’ it has a perfectly soft consistency. The gelato in Branson, here at CherryBerry, is freshly made and served at the correct temperature. Don’t worry, it’s still served below freezing resulting in a cold dessert!

What could make this delicious, gelato in Branson even better? Adding your choice of toppings, of course!

So, next time you’re in the mood for an Italian inspired dessert, stop by CherryBerry!