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CherryBerry Self-Serve Frozen Desserts offers SEVERAL delicious frozen desserts in Branson! We have over 50 premium rotating healthy and fat-free frozen yogurt flavors and over 50 toppings. The beauty behind CherryBerry is that customers have complete control. Upon entering, they simply grab a cup and start mixing. They can then visit the topping bar to add any or all of the toppings leaving nothing to be desired. Toppings range from granola, cereals and fresh fruits, to all kinds of candies, sprinkles, and even specialty items such as a variety of nuts. After customers have filled their cups, they weigh their creation on a scale and pay for it by the ounce. At CherryBerry, the possibilities are endless. Simply swirl it, top it, weigh it, pay for it. CherryBerry gives the fun to people by allowing them to create their own frozen yogurt.

Why is CherryBerry yogurt the best on the planet?

  • CherryBerry yogurt is NOT made from powdered mix like other frozen yogurt! You can taste and see the difference and feel confident that CherryBerry is a higher-quality, healthier yogurt.
  • CherryBerry is Live and Active Cultures Certified – Real Dairy Frozen Yogurt. It has four types of live active cultures for a healthier digestive system!
  • CherryBerry yogurt is OU Kosher certified!
  • CherryBerry yogurt is naturally made from real ingredients (i.e. look for real strawberries in the Strawberry Sensations).
  • CherryBerry yogurt is homogenized and pasteurized, which makes it safer and healthier!
  • CherryBerry yogurt is low fat or fat free. It is a healthier alternative to ice cream, which is more fattening and does not have live active cultures.

Benefits of Frozen Yogurt

  • Help to overcome lactose intolerance
  • Aid digestion of milk protein
  • Help prevent and combat digestive tract infections
  • Helps in Reducing cholesterol

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